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Mike Quinn
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It was sad, that Mike Quinn had not made it in Dallas and also later on at the Texans or at the Dolphins, because all Rhein Fire fans still love to remember summer 98 when 40.000 of them were singing the old Manfred Man Hit "Mighty Quinn" when their team was winning the World Bowl for the first time.

Galen Hall had been the head coach and Mike Quinn had dominated the season despite a Kurt Warner and Tom Nutten in action for the Admirals.

Back in Dallas he went into an unlucky season without a single second on the field.

Then the No. 2 QB Jason Garett went up to New York and Mike Quinn to the Miami Dolphins, from where he hopped over to the new team in Houston, where he had once again met again with former Dallas Cowboys' Jason Tucker.

But as the rise of Marcus Robinson had shown, it will always come down to the question of being with the right team at the right time.

In fact Mike Quinn's WR star had a bad first year at the Bears before a new head coach had realized his potential.

That type of luck didn't find Mike Quinn so that he never became a great QB what is obviously not that easy in Dallas since the golden days of Troy Aikman.

photo Mike Quinn Dallas Cowboys

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photo Mike Quinn Dallas Cowboys

Mike Quinn Dallas Cowboys

August 28 in 1976
College: Northern Illinois
Height: 5-10
Weight: 178

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