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Welcome to a selection of the best internet radio streams on the web.

What's new? Who has survived?

Impressive remain the dinosaurs dublab and betalounge, where some of the best music can be heard since ages.

Another casualyty has become Grooveshark, where users were enjoying a variety of excellent services. Still in the race is Spotify, at least in a few countries while Shoutcast had to get saved by some investors from Belgium.

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Also Reggae DJ legend David Rodigan had his own brilliant Internet radio station until BBC regulators had intercepted.

The Top Internet Radio Stations




Top music providers



In German

Hip Hop

From Berlin comes

Hip Hop audio and video rapstation, which is a fine projekt by Chuck D., the founder of Public Enemy and by Ice T and other true pionieers.



bigupradio great Reggae Rock from London.

Reggae Internet Radio with superb selections is offered @

African music offers two very fine channels from out the the Gambia.

From Asia Sri Lanka come

Pirate stations

Get all the links to the original Dutch off-shore pirate stations.


Not a radio, but very interesting is

Finest a lternative news& radio comes from out of Los Angeles.

Your own Internet Radio

Meanwhile everyone can run his own Internet Radio for free since the new ShoutCast owners have launched their Radionomy, where users can upload their legally acquired MP3 files.

All license fees are paid by the operator, but users will have to reach a significant amount of listening hours to preserve a free service.

Other obstacles are a lazy support and a poorly working interface.

Music services

Anyone interested in promoting music will find some excellent services at from Berlin.


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