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The exciting Cheerleader Coach Kathalene Taylor from Los Angeles had been working for the San Diego Chargers and the LA Lakers before she was flown in by the NFL to improve the look and performance of the Rhein Fire Cheerleaders, the Pyromaniacs.

And now even years after Rhein Fire was shut down by the NFL, the Pyromaniacs are still a vivid figure within the Duesseldorf party and event industry.

Most obviously no surprise with such looks on display.

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Years of NFL Europe coverage have led to a line of videos and interviews with various NFL Cheerleaders and their expert coaches.

Kathalene Taylor Cheerleaders coach

Kathalene Taylor Cheerleaders coach

Kathalene Taylor had come from Los Angeles to work with the Rhein Fire Cheerleaders.

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The Pyromaniacs Cheerleaders

Many first class events in Duesseldorf were hosted with having the Rhein Fire cheerleaders in the house.

Over the years they had been on many TV shows and they had become a pride of the city.

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The Pyromaniacs Cheerleaders

World class brands such as Skoda / VW had been sponsoring the NFL Europe and the Rhein Fire Pyromaniacs.


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