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Stone Island
Carlo Rivetti interview

"I don`t care, what customer, Boutique or partner stores want, we have to show them new things, our feeling of freedom and the products that we like and not what the market wants."

That was said by Dr. Carlo Rivetti, who represents the 8th generation of an old Italian family, which has been committed to quality Fashion since the beginning of the 18nth century.

His label Stone Island is exclusive, innovative and still independent, what enables free thinking and to select directions without having to follow standard patterns and trends.

Stone Island videos

Carlo Rivetti had presented his legendary Stone Island brand at the CPD and in his video interview Carlo Rivetti explains some of the secrets for the success of his great house and the philosophy behind it.

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Interview Graffiti

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Those videos were made long before youtube and were left in the original streaming quality, which was adjusted to match slow 56k modem connections.


Photo Stone Island Carlo Rivetti

Stone Island

Photo Stone Island Fashion

Stone Island


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