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Chinese Horoscope ideal partners for Rabbits

The best partners for Rabbits

The most prominent Rabbits in Love were certainly Angelina Jolie and her Brad Pitt, while Johnny Depp has left his singing "Super Rat" Vanessa Paradis after 14 years for "Tigress" Amber Heard.

Another female dream is certainly vip Rabbit David Beckham, who has also landed at at Tigress with the name Victoria Beckham.

Chinese Zodiac symbol Rabbit

Rabbit relationships

About Female Rabbits

She is mostly a fairly romantic and sensual Lady and they are rated as the most gentle and softest females symbol though they also pride tall and powerful Ladies like Maria Sharapova and Brigitte Nielsen.

Rabbit Ladies are also represented by Angelina Jolie, Lauryn Hill and Whitney Houston, who stand for their artistic and passionate side.

Many Rabbit Ladies are very sensitive and often in need of finding the right personal environment, for which they preferably seek good looking Monkey, Rabbit and Snake males.

Both are popular choices for them, but there is also a nice variety of other males, who would obviously love to have a date with a cute Ms. Rabbit.

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About Male Rabbits

Mr. Rabbit is often an elegant and tidy fellow, who can impress with good manners that find admiration wherever stylish performances are preferred such as introduced by David Beckham and George Michael.

But also Jose Mourinho, Lionel Messi, Novak Djokovic and Johnny Depp are well known for their exquisite styling.

Usually Rabbit men can be very reliable and they desire harmonious love and solid relationships.

Rabbit and Dragon

Dragons might be a little too big for the often soft Rabbit Ladies and also the Dragon Ladies might be a bit too freaky and wild for the mostly calm Rabbit males.

Just observe Dragon Mark Webber and Rabbit Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull Racing.

Doubtful, but chances are

Rabbit and Rabbit

A very smooth and cozy relationship can be expected as shown by Kim Sears and Andy Murray. And not to forget Bragolina Pitt and Jolie.

And what could be better?

Rabbit and Tiger

Difficult, but chances are. Usually Tiger Love might be a bit too wild and too crazy and Johnny Depp's is love with "Tigress" Amber Heard had only lasted for a year. Nevertheless, David Beckham is still behaving well under his Tigress Victoria B.

So, chances are, but for how long?

Rabbit and Ox

Why not, but Rabbits won`t be able to say that much as shown by Michelle Obama next to her "big Ox" Barack Obama. And of course, male Rabbits can impress Buffalo Ladies as shown by Simone Biles and her passion for Zac Efron.

Some chances

Rabbit and Rat

Not a bad idea at all as shown by "Rat" Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp for 14 years while Charlize Theron had simply dumped Sean Penn.

Both share a passion for styling and creativity, so that chances look fine for these two.

One of the best choices

Rabbit and Pig

Not too bad at all as they may enjoy a gentle party.

Easy option

Rabbit and Dog

Their feelings and behavior might be a little bit too different as shown by Brigitte Nielsen and her "Dog" Sylvester Stallone when they did split after only two years with different lovers getting involved on both sides.

Likely to be a challenge

Rabbit and Rooster

That might look very tempting and it may also feel pleasant for a while, but in the end, the fire may not be hot enough for a passionate Rooster Lady, while Rabbit Ladies are likely to be too sensitive for the Rooster males.

Tough for the Rabbits

Rabbit and Monkey

Why not, but Monkeys have to slow down to make a Rabbit feel comfortable.

In fact former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder had a "Rabbit" wife for some years until she became "too moody" for him.

There is potential

Rabbit and Goat

Chinese people believe, that they are a good match, though it rarely happens as the Goats are mostly not conservative enough. "Goat" Ike and his Tina Turner had started off well before things turned painful. And the there was the happy marriage of Steve Jobs with Laurene Powell.

Everything is possible

Rabbit and Horse

Unusual, but chances are as long as the Horse can dominate and will feel well entertained.

Not that easy

Rabbit and Snake

The most popular partnership solution with an incredible success rate. Veni, vidi, vici ... or all fruit`s ripe as Rabbits love to get hypnotized by the seductive magic of the Snake as shown by for example by "Snake" Bashar al-Assad and his cute Asma al-Assad. And also "Snake" Pierce Brosnan is having a fine marriage with Keely Shaye Smith.

First class!

Brigitte Nielsen

Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Rabbit Brigitte Nielsen
Brigitte Nielsen is 6' 1" tall and well remembered for her marriage with an at that time fairly obedient 5' 10" "Dog" Sylvester Stallone after both of them had dropped their previous spouses.

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Jessica Folcker

Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Rabbit Jessica Folcker
Rabbit year born Ladies like Swedish singer Jessica Folcker or Whitney Houston are often falling in love with Monkey year born males like Bobby Brown.

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