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Chinese Horoscope Horse character

Horse character and mentality

In the Chinese Zodiac the Horse symbol seems to be the one of the politicians, as no other does feature so many of them. In particular in Russia and Germany they have in charge of the country over many decades and even right now, they are running Europe's strongest countries with England, France and Germany and also in Egypt and Turkey they have become some fairly rude but long lasting leaders.

Madam Horse

Horse energy is usually endless, but at times some breaks are needed, though Miss Horse is a true and ambitious fan of hard work and being successful by any means. And she can even fall in love for 30 minutes if she feels like.

Shopping, being with friends and having a good dose of lounging after a busy week are just perfect as well as going out for an all night dance.

Material values have a huge meaning for her while any form of sports is fully rejected by most of them, but not all as shown by the elegant Tennis Ladies Chris Evert and Margeret Court, who both belong to the most successful ones of all times.

Nevertheless, some Horse Ladies show, how incredibly gorgeous they can be, once doubtful nutrition and certain couch potato habits are replaced by healthy activities and some more sophisticated awareness.

One of her biggest assets is her social compatibility, so that party hearty plays a big role in her life. Politics, concert stages, media and also the catwalks have seen a lot of Horse women and success is their trademark.

At the same time Lisa Stansfield`s new Album presents a song with the title "F... me the way a real man should " what shows, that the Horse Ladies can be very uncompromising, what has also been widely demonstrated by Sinehead O'Connor and her consumption of males.

Mr. Horse

The by far biggest amount of politicians in the world shows, that he is a very sociable character, what surely helps his networking a lot when he is out on parties and social gatherings, where he connects socially with his carefully selected friends for every possible purpose.

Also "Home sweet home" means a lot for for a Horse, just to represent wealth and to suit a usually large ego.

On the other end, the Horse males can be true rebels like a Michael Moore or Jimi Hendrix.

But most important are his leadership talents and vast energy resources, that provide enough power for reaching highest positions in politics, sports and business.

Privately Mr. Horse may impresses with being a good host and a down to earth buddy, who looks after his friends and family.

His children may complain about his strong grip, while his women have to respect him as he considers himself as a real man just like Mr. Ox or Mr. Tiger.

All of them have a great time when being "with the Boys", so that a lot of them can be found in soccer and football, where they benefit from their physical talents.

Another similarity is that both have a great standing in front of cameras, where they pursue a classic male image of being the strong and upright family heroes.


Chinese Horocope symbol Horse

Horse character

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Horses are used to build groups, in which they learn to become successful and competitive leaders. More trends

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